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Practice job interview
Pre-Employment Skills

Job Search and Resume


Course Content:
Pathways has created Essential Skills Pre-Employment iWorkbooks that are accessible through iBooks on iPad. Designed to support different learning styles, students are given a full-screen, interactive, digital experience with quizzes, photos, videos, and text-to-speech capability. The iWorkbooks are filled with engaging reading materials, exercises, videos, and quizzes. The quizzes are submitted automatically to teachers for evaluation, feedback, and grading.
The purpose of the Job Search modules is to fuel the development of job search skills and life skills. The modules align with the Ministry of Education’s “Education and Career/Life Planning Program” policies and requirements (“Creating Pathways to Success” Policy and Program Requirements 2013 (K12). Education and Career/Life planning is a process that assists in the development and application of knowledge and skills needed to make informed education and career/life choices.

While incorporating the development of Essential Skills, these modules also support key program requirements set out in the Education and Career/Life planning policy. The modules focus on four identified areas of learning: knowing yourself; exploring opportunities; making decisions and setting goals; achieving goals and making transitions.

Onsite Services Include:

  • resume creation
  • practice interviews
  • computers with Internet access
  • job bank access
  • free photocopying and faxing
  • free memory stick for saving resume and other job search documents
  • current labour market information
  • assistance with resume updates, cover letters, and reference sheets
  • encouragement and suggestions

Topics Covered:

  • Projecting a Positive Attitude
  • Unreasonable Expectations
  • Support Teams and Staying Motivated
  • Dress for Success
  • Disclosing Disabilities
  • Shaking Hands
  • Creating Abilities
  • Body Language
  • Visible versus Invisible Disabilities
  • Work Habits for Success
  • Dealing with your Disability
  • Health & Safety at Work
  • Flexibility
  • Human Rights
  • Assessing your Skills
  • The Benefits of Volunteering


Work Placements

Course Content:

The focus of a work placement is to provide students with hands-on experience with an organization that performs job functions relevant to the student’s employment goals. Students apply their academic or vocational experience in an authentic setting where they are expected to adhere to the company’s policies, procedures and hours of operation. Although work placements are unpaid, many students go on to secure a full time position with their work placement employers. Others obtain valuable letters of recommendation and are able to add their new experiences to their resumes.

Benefits of a Work Placement Program:

For the Individual:

  • Build skills through on-the-job training
  • Access the hidden job market
  • Improve self confidence
  • Develop a network
  • Current references
  • Current work experience

For Employers:

  • Access to Qualified Job Candidates
  • Zero Cost for Probationary Training Period
  • Opportunity for Community Building
  • On-going support and follow ups

If required, individual job coaching is available at an additional cost.